Monday, November 1, 2010

Hunting Season In The Backwoods

Shoot, you can tell hunting season has started. And it's pretty funny, too! Every day lately, out in the woods, you hear *BOOM* or see trucks rolling into fields with their shooting houses on back. You know, you'd think they would try and be a little more secretive about where they are hunting, instead of rolling down the road with a big wooden box on back of their pickups. For those of you who have never seen a shooting house, here it is.

So what I can't understand is, if they happen to be smart enough to know that you DON'T want other people hunting around you, then why don't they throw a tarp over it, or something to hide it. Instead these dummies, are riding around with them stuck out of the bed of the truck, kind of like, "Hey! I'm Going Hunting, Follow Me Over To MY Hunting Spot!" Yeah, not what you're suppose to do.
Solution To Problem: Find Hunting For Dummies Book!
Do they really make that book, you may be asking yourself? I actually have no idea, but if the author of them books ever seen the hunters around here, you better believe they would write one!